A short form set to Arthur Beatrice’s ‘Councillor’ titled ‘Alma’.

The stunningly shot short pulls focus on the life of a young girl, the titular Alma, as she holds on to hope in a brutal world, painting an all-too-real picture of those who live at the mercy of the cartels, and the beauty of the Mexican countryside and childhood innocence.

Currently writing and recording new material, ‘Alma’ is the first of several exciting collaborations the band are set to unveil over the coming months

Raleigh Ritchie featuring Little Simz produced by Stefan Ponce.

Raleigh Ritchie featuring Little Simz produced by Stefan Ponce.

Manic Street Preachers performing ‘Revol’ on Later with Jools Holland. Just phenomenal

via the fuckyeahmsp Tumblr:

This was great fun earlier, La Roux did a live gig for 6music earlier it went out live live across radio and online and remains on the BBC red button for a period of unknown time. It was excellent. ‘Cruel Sexuality’ and ‘Uptight Downtown’ being sssssseeeensational.


Much to love about this Kleerup and Niki & The Dove collaboration. Dazed called them ‘pop masterminds’ which feels pretty fitting for both parties. Listen here

Manics performing Europa Geht Durch Mich featuring the statuesque beauty of Nina Hoss on Later With Jools Holland via fuckyeahmsp

And here’s the show’s opener ‘Futurology’

Back on Friday apparently to play ‘Revol’

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