James Murphy is our generations David Byrne - this may seem obvious but those dots hadn’t previously been connected and it was pointed out to us over the weekend. LCD called it a day with 5 sell out shows in New York (their spiritual home) after 3 albums, several seminal and generation defining anthems and more columns inches than any other electronica band of the last decade.

In 2006 James Murphy sat down with Brain Pickings and spoke for 30 minutes on technology, the role of tastemakers, record stores, recommendation filters and the future of taste.

"What’s going to be missing is the unconscious peer pressure that guides people into different forms of taste. What it’s gonna be replaced by is lifestyle marketing and taste engines, which scares the crap out of me.”

From the Tumblr of Henning who found it on Brainpickings

Can we please move on from LCD being a hipster band. LCD were far more important than this limiting derogatory term.

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